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Thune blasts Dems in "Politico" article

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 Another big story tonight involves South Dakota Senator John Thune and his very public criticism of the Democratic party.

 It comes in the form of an article Thune wrote for Politico. It is 602 words in length but it says a lot.

 In a nutshell, Thune says Democrats are doing their best to bankrupt the nation and leave everyone but them holding the bill.

 South Dakota's junior senator says he is not at all apologetic for writing this article that is now getting so much attention. "Washington spends too much. we aren't living within our means. we're spending money we don't have. I think most South Dakotans understand that and that's why I felt something needed to be said."

 Thune says it was the words of the Democratic leader of the U-S House...Nancy Pelosi....that prompted him to write this article. She is on record as saying the U-S does not have a spending problem...that we have a budget deficit problem. Thune says it's the same thing. "I just felt like that had to be challenged. We do have a spending problem in this country. And everybody seems to think in Washington that all you have to do is raise taxes and get more revenue and then you can spend more to grow government."

 And Thune cautions those who believe the budget debate in Washington is solely a political exercise with no real world implications. He says that concept couldn't be farther from the truth. "Interest rates start going up, that means that people are going to have a harder time affording homes and cars and student loans. It means there will be fewer jobs available. There is a direct correlation between the amount of debt that we have as a nation and the economic growth that we see in our economy."
 Thune tells us, the only way all of this gets solved is if Republicans and Democrats work on this together...not as enemies but as people who want the best for all Americans. "We want to see Washington finally ..which is long overdue....have a discussion about what we're gonna do to reform our spending habits in a way that will make our country more fiscally solvent for future generations. Right now, we're headed for a train wreck. We've got government spending that is growing 2-3 times the rate of inflation."

 No surprise, we were interested in what South Dakota Democratic Senator Tim Johnson thinks about Senator Thune's article.

 A Johnson spokeswoman tells us tonight - "As stated in the past, Senator Johnson is committed to returning our country to a responsible budget. He is hopeful that both parties can move beyond rhetoric and start working on balanced solutions to addressing our deficit. Senator Johnson believes that all programs should remain on the table and fiscal restraint is needed on both the spending and tax sides of the federal budget."

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