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Does It Work? We test the Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

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 All this month on Wednesday's Live on KSFY's Morning News Nancy Naeve Brown has been testing those "As Seen on TV" products to find out if they really do work. We are trying out the Shimmer glitter tattoos. Here's what the commercial claims.

"You've seen artists at theme parks and parties create bedazzling designs...Now you can create your own professional body art shimmer that shines bright, day & night! It takes only seconds - Just press on the stencil wherever you want to Shimmer. Brush on the patented adhesive, dip the brush in the glitter - it takes no time to apply the design - then just go with the glow!"

 It comes with 10 different tattoo designs, 3 glitter colors, it's supposed to be water proof and last up to 7 days but more importantly they claim you can apply in just seconds. Well we found it takes two minutes for the adhesive to dry before you peel off the pattern. And that's where we found things to be tricky.  Nancy tried the stars pattern on our morning producer Erin Heinert and when we peeled away the pattern... the corners of the adhesive for the points of the stars went with it.

We found it works best to apply the glitter (my tapping it with the brush) while the sticker is still on and then peel it off. You can't wait too long before applying glitter or it won't stick. That's what happened with the heart and crown that we did live on the air.

Erin did Shower with the glitter tattoos on and they stayed on. To remove they say use baby oil and that did work.

All in all, I say these do work. I think for $10 your kids will have a lot of fun with this especially at birthday parties. I found these at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Sioux Falls.


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