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Mayor's live TV moment spawns "Huethered" photos

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Political figures have been parodied on shows like Saturday Night Live for years, with most politicians laughing along with the jokers. However, that's not the case with one local politician.

The eyes of the nation were on the Sioux Falls Arena, watching the SDSU Jackrabbits punch their ticket to the NCAA Tournament. For those watching closely, you may have noticed something else. Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether hamming it up for the camera... or was he?

"Am I perfect? No. Was I excited about the rabbits and South Dakota and Mr. Neiber? You bet I was." Said Huether.

Huether says he was pointing out 96-year old Bert Neiber to the national audience. Mr. Neiber is one of the oldest and proudest of Jackrabbit fans. But the mayor's live-TV moment proved too good of an opportunity to pass up for Photoshop guru JT Nelson.

"I thought you know he can go in just about any situation doing this gesture so immediately came to mind were a couple moments in history and then the Pope was elected and I thought of the white smoke and that was the first one." Said Nelson

Huether's pictures have gone viral over Facebook and twitter. Each photo placing Mayor Mike into local and historic events. Huether isn't the first political figure to be at the mercy of Photoshop. Others include the Clinton's and even President Obama. Huether's pictures have even spawned a new term "Huethered." Their creator says it's all in good fun.

"Everything is always positive I didn't want to go negative with anything I kept it always in a positive situation and hopefully maybe helped defuse the situation for the mayor that he was acting a little silly on TV." Said Nelson.

But not everyone is laughing.

Jake: Have you seen these?

Mayor Huether: No.

Jake: They're basically pictures putting you into famous situations, do you want to take a look at these?

Mayor Huether: no, no I don't.

Huether didn't even look at the photos. If he had maybe he would have found the humor in seeing his cyber-self share a moment with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Instead he saw it as a personal attack.

"You know what, have fun, have fun. If you think that's what God wanted you to do with the days that were given to you have fun with it." Said Huether.

For now there's only these handful of photos and thankfully for the mayor, the next time the Jackrabbits take the court, the live cameras will be in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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