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Sioux Falls Stampede: 3 Unique Forwards

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Stampede Forwards (Left to right): Todd Skirving, Thomas Forgione & Ryan Siiro Stampede Forwards (Left to right): Todd Skirving, Thomas Forgione & Ryan Siiro

On Saturday the Sioux Falls Stampede take on the Dubuque Fighting Saints at home. They head into the weekend holding strong in first place in the western conference. We've already introduced you to Stampede Goalie Charlie Lindgren who is credited as a reason for so many wins.  This time Nancy Naeve Brown has some fun with three of the forwards who all have something unique to share.

"I'm with 3 of the big studs with the Sioux Falls Stampede and they all have little unique things each their own.  First I'll start with Ryan Siiro. He is going to Princeton next year and since he is so smart I thought I'd ask him a few trivia questions. Are you ready?

Q: "What are Princeton's colors?"

A: "Orange and black," Ryan Siiro answered.

"We'll actually its Princeton Orange but we'll give you that," Nancy said.

Q:" Princeton is in the Ivy League. Can you name two other schools in the league?"

A: "Columbia and Harvard," Ryan said.

"I can't seem to stump him. I want to ask you some Minnesota questions since you are from Bloomington, "Nancy said.

Q: "What does the Minne mean in Minnesota?"

A: "Small?" Ryan asked.

"You'd think so wouldn't you but that is not correct. Any other guesses?" Nancy asked.

A: "North"  Ryan said.
Q. "It means water," Nancy said.

"Let's go over to the superstitious Canadian Todd Skirving. What do you do or don't do before games?" Nancy said.

"I like to go through a certain routine. I wear certain boxes, I eat a snickers bar. I have certain dances I do before the game, "Todd said.

"Whoa, whoa whoa. Did you say dances? Let's see it? Pointing to the other 2 and the goalie, do you all know it? Oh, it's super secret. Superstitious secret. Do you eat a certain meal before the game?" Nancy said.

"I used to eat chicken and rice but I have switched to spaghetti with no sauce on top, just plain spaghetti," Todd said.

"Sounds delicious (not) but it seems to be working. You are having a great season so keep that up. Now let's go to Thomas Forgione. I've heard you are one of the fastest speed demons out there on the ice," Nancy said.

"Yeah, I skate pretty well," Thomas said.

"Do you have a record from end to end or how do you time that kind of thing?" Nancy asked.

"I've never been timed before," Thomas said.

"Well you are about to be timed. I have my phone and I'm going to time you.. Oops I about fell down. Good thing I'm not on ice. On your marks, get set, go!" Nancy said.

 (Thomas takes off skating to the other goal)

"He skated to the end faster than I could move 2 feet. He made it in 6.5 seconds. Very nice! With fast skaters, brains and superstitions like this. They are going to win. Go check out the Stampede." Nancy said.

Saturday's game is at the Sioux Falls Arena. Puck drops at 7:05 p.m.  Stampede vs Dubuque: Top two teams in the league square off!

First 1,000 fans through the doors receive a FREE Stampede playoff rally towel!

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