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Ice storm means lights out for Lincoln High School, Tuesday

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In Sioux Falls, classes were held as scheduled, Tuesday, even though some kids spent part of the day in the dark.

Longfellow was one if six schools in the district that didn't have power for the day. But it wasn't just elementary schools.

This was a day many of us didn't see coming, especially the nearly 1,800 students at Lincoln High School.  Lights went out at the beginning of the school day but - for students - it wasn't quite as exciting as they had hoped.

Lights back on and hallways full at Lincoln High School. That's after the ice storm hurt the school's transformer causing a blackout.

"They flickered off, came back on, turned back off again. everyone was really excited," LHS Senior Devon Fox said.

"We went completely in the dark, we had emergency lights came on. A loud cheer came out, immediately thinking we would have no school. We sent them to first period class. We want to get them in a safe place so they're not wandering in the halls," LHS Principal Valerie Fox said.

LHS administrators didn't know what to expect so they kicked off a different plan, in more ways than one.

"First reaction is, get everyone safe, how long is this going to last? then you start thinking about lunches and everything else," Valerie Fox said. "Our cafeteria supervisor was already making plans for peanut butter sandwiches, salads, to make due if we had to."

"It was interesting, everyone was wondering if we were going to be at school or if they were going to cancel it, it was kind of fun," Devon said.

Hundreds of students took to social media, tweeting, while they were in the dark.

"People have been putting on Twitter things like the 'LHS Blackout 2013', posting pictures in the dark, it was really funny," Devon said.

Unfortunate for them, it was only an hour before power was restored and everything was back to normal.

"There were audible groans at that point."

"I was disappointed, I was hoping we could keep the lights off for the rest of the day, It was more exciting," Devon said.

Principal Fox said there was never a thought to call off the school day. Though, there was concern for things like lunches and the temperature in the building. All in all, she felt it was a safe place for them to be and - ultimately - less chaotic for parents.

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