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What to do with all your downed trees

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The storm has passed but the damage is still here. With countless downed trees and branches it's time to pick up the pieces.

"It's been crazy the phones been ringing off the hook a lot of repeat customers and a lot of people with trees leaning on houses and bad, bad things happening." Said Jason Lohr, owner of Pro Tree Service, Inc.

Jason and his crews have been running seemingly non-stop. Once the inevitable thaw does happen, many people may look to clear the debris themselves. Jason says that's not the best idea.

"You shouldn't be in your yard working with these big tree limbs falling because they can fall at any time with no warning at all you definitely want to call a professional and somebody that has the correct safety gear it's really dangerous to be out working in the stuff." Said Lohr.

Even with the proper equipment, taking care of the fallen branches is dangerous work. But a branch on your roof isn't the only danger Jason says before you hire someone you need to do your homework.

"There's a lot of out-of-towners coming in that maybe don't have the right insurance and make sure, there's a lot of scams going on so get a local company that's been around for a long time." Said Lohr.

The trees have definitely taken the brunt of the storm and once the dust settles you should take steps to prevent future problems.

"You need to make a proper cut wherever there is a tear in the tree wherever the tree tore off just make a nice cut and make sure it heals properly." Said Lohr.

Many of the city's young trees are just hunched over and as long as they're not broken they should bounce back. While the natural beauty of Sioux Falls took a direct hit, it's nothing we can't fix.

With all the potential for scams Jason recommends you double check a company with the Better Business Bureau before you hire them.

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