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Avera Medical Minute AHH: Don't over do it while cleaning up storm damage

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The sound of chainsaws will be the new norm for Sioux Falls as the spring storm cleanup continues. But while you're getting your yard looking like it used to, doctors are urging people to take it easy and stay safe.

"We want everyone to be cautious when they're out doing their cleanup work certainly we are a heart hospital here so our concern is cardiac care but we're concerned about people moving heavy objects getting out there overdoing it and having chest pain." Said Dr. Jeff Anderson, an ER physician at the Avera Heart Hospital.

Much like shoveling snow, this cleanup process can get your pulse going very quickly. So it's best to watch your heart as well as the sky while you work.

"I talked to a person this morning who stepped out of the garage with a chainsaw to go to work on the trees that had fallen in their backyard and immediately they got hit in the head with an ice chunk well they did the smart thing, went back in their garage and put on some head protection they happened to have a hard hat maybe you don't have one but just want to be cautious of things falling." Said Dr. Anderson. 

Branches and ice falling suddenly aren't the only concerns. It's very easy to injure yourself and you don't need to fall from your roof to cause significant damage.

"Some of the most devastating injuries can be ground level falls they happens very quickly. A fall can result in a broken hip or a broken wrist these may or may not be life-threatening but a fall to the back of the head can result in a subdural hematoma or an epidural hematoma these can be life-threatening." Said Dr. Anderson.

If you do get hurt and happen to live on the west side of town, you don't need to travel far to find quality care. The Avera Heart Hospital has been in Sioux Falls for a dozen years and has always had a full service emergency department.

"We've been told that where Sioux Falls' best kept secret, we don't have much wait time to be seen in our emergency department that certainly is an advantage if you have a sick child or someone who needs urgent care." Said Dr. Anderson.

While they won't be able to perform state of the art surgery to correct a fractured leg, doctors like Jeff can stabilize a patient and get them into the best hands just across town.

"We don't claim to be McKennan's Southwest Campus but we can provide essentially the same care that you're going to get at an outlying hospital." Said Dr. Anderson.

So whether it's your heart or your hip doctors at the Avera Heart Hospital will help any and every patient that comes through the door.

Not only is the Avera Heart Hospital closer for many people, it's also easier to get to by being right off the interstate. But in most emergencies, people still overlook them for Avera McKennan. For more information regarding the emergency department just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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