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Wintry weather creates challenges during calving

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The Aberdeen area received just over a half an inch of snow Wednesday on top of the nearly 10 inches that fell just a few days before.

While area farmers are thrilled to have all the moisture, this snowfall fell right in the middle of calving season. And it's definitely caused some problems. 

"It makes a longer day out of everything, you try to do. You have to do more work just so you can do your chores, it's never ending work," said Warren Sumption with Sumption Family Farms outside of Frederick.

Late snowfall causing calving headaches for farmers With more than 900 head to calve, this snow is making the Sumption Family's job even more difficult.  

"We spend more time in a day going around looking at cattle trying to see if they're sick then we do feeding them," said Eric Sumption. 

"If this weather keep doing this, it's really impossible to try to keep them clean and healthy," said Warren.

The cold and snowy weather means new calves need to be kept in a warm, dry place, but with so many calves, the Sumption's are running out of places to put them. 

The crowded conditions can also cause more sickness down the road. 

"Now we have so many concentrated, now you get into health issues; we can make it through a storm like this, but two weeks from now, we're going to be treating calves that are sick because of it," said Eric. 

This time of year cattle are usually out in the fields grazing by now, but because of all this snow, they've had to rely on winter feed—but with such a long winter, farmers are beginning to run out.

"Most guys will plan on if you can feed until the first part of April then it kind of lets up. Like us, if we have to go another 20 days, we aren't going to have much feed left," said Eric. 

It's why farmers in the area are hoping for warmer temperatures to melt away the snow. 

"You've just got to put up with it and now that it's the end of April, things should change, hopefully pretty quickly," said Warren.

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