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FEMA comes to Sioux Falls to assess storm damage to determine disaster status

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Most of us have cleaned up from the ice storm, but figuring out how much damage the ice storm caused, continues.

A team from FEMA is in town to asses the damage.

They told me they're here to see how much the storm cost us financially as well as physically.

They're looking at the amount of debris the storm caused and what it cost to clean it up.

A team of FEMA specialists visited Sioux Falls to see just how bad and how much damage the ice storm caused.

So far, they're satisfied with how fast the city is working to keep all of us healthy and safe.

They'll present their findings to the state.

Then the governor will decide if he should request those areas which are still cleaning up from the storm, to be declared disaster areas.

FEMA debris specialist Ron Pevan said "compared to what I've seen, which is the most extreme, this rates up there. This is a lot of debris and this is just one of their sites from the city. It definitely leaves an impression."

"The great part of the reason I like South Dakota is people tend not to wait around. They just go out , get it done, get it moving and that's exactly what we want to see," Pevan added.

FEMA environmental specialist Portia Ross said "there's already been a lot of damage done by the debris itself so we want to make sure that the actual clean up process doesn't cause any additional harm or damage."

"Being able to turn a positive out of what really is a negative with a lot of the damage that was done by the debris, to be able to see this, recycled and used in positive ways is really encouraging and happening a lot more," Ross added.

FEMA estimated the cost of the damage could be in the millions.

But they'll check to make sure the debris is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

If it's not, it can hurt our chances of getting any money from the federal government.

FEMA will wrap up it's assessment of the damage Thursday night.

Governor Daugaard has a deadline of May 10th to use this information to request a disaster declaration from the president.

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