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Changes coming in Sioux Falls for flood-prone areas

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The City of Sioux Falls has adopted an ordinance making changes to the flood control system and the insurance program.

The ordinance sources the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) in order to determine where special flood hazard areas are located within the community. According to a news release from the City of Sioux Falls, the ordinance will bring changes to the flood control system and the insurance program, and there will be a heightened awareness of flooding by citizens.

The City is nearing completion of the flood control system within Sioux Falls in order to reduce the risk of flooding due to snow melt and rainfall. There are at least three phases to the completion of the project: the completion of the construction which will be done in Summer 2013, the certification of the completed work which should be done during the end of 2013 and then the revisions to the FIRM maps by FEMA.

The National Flood Insurance Program will implement changes in October 1, 2013, resulting from the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012. Information is online at or With these program changes, insurance premiums will go up from 1 to 25 percent, as explained below:


  • Pre-FIRM AE Zones: Premiums will increase 16 percent to reduce the amount of subsidy in their Pre-FIRM rates.

  • X Zones (zones outside the Special Flood Hazard Area)
    - Standard-Rated Policy: Premiums will increase 8 percent.
    - Preferred Risk Policy (PRP): Premiums will increase an average of 1 percent.
    - This increase consists of:
    A 19-percent premium increase for policies written under the PRP Eligibility Extension.
    − Less than 1 percent for all other PRP policies (i.e., for PRPs on buildings that are currently mapped outside the Special Flood Hazard Area) due to the increase in the Federal Policy Fee.


Other FIRM changes effective October 1, 2013, include: new reserve fund assessments, exclusions of certain properties from receiving subsidized premium rates, no extension of subsidy to new policies or lapsed policies, and an increased Federal Policy Fee.

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