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Avera Medical Minute AHH: the benefits of an Anti-Inflammation Diet

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Internal inflammation, it's known as the silent epidemic. Without even knowing it your food choices could actually be causing health problems.

Almost everything we put in our bodies is going to cause a reaction. Sometimes good, other times not so good. Our food choices not only have an influence on our weight, but they could be causing some serious inflammation.

"We have a lot of different health situations that result from inflammation whether it's in your gut where you have a lot of gut dysfunction because of that inflammation or it's more internal with your vessels it damages your cells and your vessels which can cause some problems with heart disease." Said Nikki Ver Steeg, registered dietitian at the Avera heart Hospital.

Making poor choices at the grocery store can lead to problems with cholesterol, arthritis, and simply not feeling good. While the best foods might not be the quickest meal option out there, they are not that hard to find.

"To lower your inflammation in your system and to follow a more anti-inflammatory diet we suggest really limiting your processed foods trying to have those less than five ingredients on a food label and shopping at the perimeter of the grocery store getting back to whole foods less people having their hands in it." Said Ver Steeg.

The biggest offenders are the processed carbohydrates. These are your white breads, white rice, bagels, crackers and chips. So obviously the better foods for you will be quite the opposite.

"Fatty fish, those dark green leafy vegetables, peppers lots of colors and varieties and lean proteins and whole grains if you need to get into that bread and cereal and stuff on that line." Said Ver Steeg.

Making a change in your eating habits is never easy, but a change like this is much harder if you do it alone.

"Definitely look at a buddy system that makes it a lot easier. I also think that it's so much easier for me to focus on what I should be eating and trying to add that in maybe even you have a checklist and document stuff that you're taking in instead of just thinking all the time of what you shouldn't be eating." Said Ver Steeg.

And take it from Nikki, when you put good in, you get good out.

"It makes us feel better now, a lot of those things that promote more inflammation make it so that we don't want to do a whole lot of stuff and when we eat a poor quality diet were less active we sit around more we put on more weight when we eat a more health promoting diet we feel better you have more consistent energy and you can get up and do stuff instead of increasing your risk of disease." Said Ver Steeg.

There's still time to make the change before summer sets in. While healthy habits may be enhanced in the gym, they start with what you put in your grocery cart.

An anti-inflammation diet is not intended to be a weight loss plan, rather a change in mindset to make healthier choices. For more information about setting up an anti-inflammatory diet just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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