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Armless pilot serves as amazing inspiration for others

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 She travels the country as an inspirational speaker, telling her story to whoever will listen.

 She lives every day with a condition that many of us would assume makes her life tough if not impossible.

 But to her, it is no big deal.

 Jessica Cox is a fun loving, hard working young woman.
 But she is different....and it is a difference she does nothing to hide. "Well I was born without arms from day one....I learned how to use my feet and I naturally learned how to feed myself and how to write when I was in school."
 No arms. No hands or fingers to grab or pull or push.
 Yet, what she has chosen to do in typically dependent on those very things. "So I decided to become a pilot and have been doing that now for close to 150 hours."

 A pilot.
 According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the only armless pilot in the world.
 And it's not just something she does, it's something she is good at.
 And that's not all.

 "She's a scuba diver, she's a dancer, she's a gymnast, incredible person. well beyond other abled people." Michael Saba is with Sanford Hospital's International Children's Clinic program.
 He invited Jessica to Sioux Falls because he wants people to hear and see her story. "For people who say oh, I've got a sore foot or I have an arm that's a little bit on the lame, or whatever...and to see a person who was born without arms be able to do everything we can do and some things we can't very inspirational."

 And what is it about Jessica that moves her to do these achieve and inspire?
 She tells can chalk it up to the idea of her being able to say...I told you so. "For one, I love it when someone says that I can't do something because it gives me all the more reason to do it."

 Jessica says another reason she was drawn to flying was what she says is the ultimate feeling of freedom that flying can give you.

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