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Behind the Scenes Week: Producing the Morning News

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Monday morning we are starting our behind the scenes week by taking a look at our producer Erin Heinert's workday. Erin typically starts her day around 10:45pm. She says she's always a little jealous first thing when she gets up, of all the people who are just getting ready to head to bed. Erin comes into work at 11:30pm. She usually chats with our night crew who are getting ready to leave work for the day and checks her email.

Our overnight photographer David also comes to work at the same time as Erin. David and Erin talk about the show when they first get in and decide if there is anything we need to shoot overnight. David and Erin also listen to the police scanner closely. If anything such as a fire or something of that nature is reported on the scanner David is ready to go check it out.

By 1:00am Erin is off and running producing and writing our 2-hour show. That's also around the time our morning reporter Rachel Gabrielsen comes in. Erin and Rachel talk about what is going on for the day. Rachel also brings Erin a cup of Dunkin Donuts Coffee from home everyday which is a key part to our show being successful.

Soon after that Shawn Cable arrives, usually with a loud energetic entrance. The three of them also talk about the show and what is planned. Shawn also lets everyone know if there will be any serious changes in the weather.

Nancy arrives soon after Shawn and the communication continues. Erin says it's very important that everyone on the show is on the same page, especially if we are covering breaking news.

Just before 5:00am Erin heads to the booth for the start of the show. During the show she is communicating with the director, the camera crew, the live reporter crew, and the anchors. She is also timing the show to make sure we end every half hour, on the half hour and of course end our show on time just before 7:00am.

Erin says that working the overnight shift is definitely hard at times but she also loves the crew she works with. "Working here is very interesting. It's quite the dynamic group that we have. It's not like anything I expected it to be. Because we are here at night and there's really no one around we do have a lot of fun so that's good. I'm very happy that we all get along. They are really exactly how you see them on T.V. Nancy really does love her dogs. Rachel really loves the Walking Dead. And Shawn really really does love the weather. That's how it is. They are very genuine and you definitely see what you get. Get what you see," Erin Heinert said.

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