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Behind the Scenes: Reporting on the KSFY Morning News

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I've been on the Morning News for several years now and I have to say I'm still not used to the schedule. My alarm goes off around Midnight every morning. This time of year when the weather is starting to get nicer it also makes going to bed in the early afternoon very difficult, especially if there is a Red Sox game on.

I head to work around 1:00 every morning. After talking to our producer Erin Heinert about anything happening that day, and/or the latest installment of "Drunk Uncle," on Saturday Night Live, I get to work.

The clock is ticking as soon as I get to work because by the time I get in, we only have about four hours to get ready for the show. I also have learned it's important to get right to work on my story for that day because at any moment a call can come over the scanner that I'll need to go check on with my photographer David Koehn, or possibly completely switch gears and cover that breaking story. If that happens I work with Erin quickly to decide if what I've worked on so far for that day should be turned into a shorter story for the anchors, or if we should wait and plan on having me cover that story the next day. Communication is key, and I'm very lucky to have a producer and friend like Erin.

My work day goes by incredibly quickly. I think mostly because there is so much packed into a fairly short amount of time. There are many days I feel like I blink and the show is ending. I try to be at my live location at least ten minutes until the top of the show at 5:00am. From there I'm on the air several times throughout the two hour show. In between times I'm on the air I'm usually tweeting, and double checking my information for the next time I'm on. If the day has actually gone as planned and I'm ahead of schedule I do have a zombie game on my cell phone that I love to play.

My typical day ends around 9:00am. When the show ends at 7:00am I help David clean up our live shot and then head back to the station. From there I make sure everything I covered is on our website and I also make sure I have a story set for the next day.

A lot of people ask me why I like being on the Morning Show at KSFY. Although the hours are not ideal, I adore the people I work with. Shawn, Nancy, Erin, David, and the entire morning crew have really become a team. I love working with all of them. Yes, we absolutely can fight like any family sometimes, but it never lasts more than a few minutes. They are amazing people to work with, and I consider myself very lucky to enjoy coming to work every day to see them.



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