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Avera Medical Minute AHH: PulsePoint growing in Sioux Falls

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If you saw a complete stranger having a heart attack would you step in and help? In Sioux Falls the answer is yes. Hundreds of everyday citizens have already downloaded the PulsePoint app and are just waiting to help save a life. Not every city can claim it has citizen heroes walking the streets, but Sioux Falls isn't your average city.

"I think it's really cool where the cutting-edge saying we're going to try to stay ahead of CPR needs and saving people when they're in cardiac arrest." Said Division Chief Jeff Helm with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue. 

For five months now, PulsePoint has been sounding the alarm to people in need.

"It's engaging everyday citizens, every day we seem to get more followers which is the goal so that way the more people we have engaged and using PulsePoint the better odds there are for having a successful CPR in a public location." Said Helm.

The program is designed to alert people who have the app downloaded on their phones to incidents where their intervention could be what makes the difference.

"There have been incidents where people have been alerted within a quarter mile radius that had any reports back of them, but no interacting at this point, but it does show that there are people that are using the app and that it's working the proper way." Said Helm.

While so far there hasn't been an event where an average joe became a hero, the division chief says it's only a matter of time.

"The potential is always there we have a mall that has hundreds of thousands of people come through it in a year well the potential for somebody to be in the right place at the right time has been increased now with PulsePoint because now they're aware of a need." Said Helm.

That need has caused fire rescue to actually integrate the PulsePoint app into their first-aid training.

"This is another avenue for people to be aware that there is this need for AEDs in public locations and the CPR, we've increased training CPR and part of that training is the use of PulsePoint so that we can engage those people that are already interested in learning about first aid and CPR and then using them when needed." Said Helm.

When it comes to cardiac care Sioux Falls is a leader. The city boasts one of the largest populations of AEDs in the country. Across town, these devices can found in nearly every public building.

"It's been a very good partnership with the Avera Heart Hospital and getting those things together to engage everyday citizens and save lives." Said Helm.

So if you haven't already, boot up your smart phone, download the app, and be ready for the call.

All this week Sioux Falls Fire Rescue will be at the Empire Mall in support of hands-only CPR. How an AED works and PulsePoint so more people engaged in everyday life saving. For more information about PulsePoint just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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