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Road travelers find ways to cutback to battle rising gas prices

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Something none of us like to see... rising gas prices and the upper Midwest has been hit hard.

Some maintenance and accidents at major oil refineries have sent gas prices, in some places, above $4 dollars a gallon.

KSFY News met some drivers feeling the pain at the pump.

We met a dad driving his daughter from New Hampshire to Utah for a new job.

We also met a family from Chicago who know all too well about those closed refineries. But these people weren't going to let the high price of gas stop them from getting on the road.

John Pietkiewicz is on his way from New Hampshire to Utah. There are many sights people want to see on a cross-country road trip, but high gas prices probably aren't one of them.

"Fairly cheap when we left. it got a little cheaper as we came across until we hit Chicago and experienced a two-hour delay and noticed the gas prices were probably the highest in the country," Pietkiewicz said.

And Jim Graham is taking his family on a road trip from Chicago to point's west

"There's nothing you can really do about it, unless you stop driving and that's not going to happen," Graham said.

Some people have ways to not only save money but save their vacations.

"We have to cut back a little bit, just to cover fuel expenses," Graham said.

"We actually packed some extra food with us and cutback on how many other times we go out to eat," Graham added.

"Souvenirs might be quite less than normal because like I said, for the fuel prices," Graham said.

John's daughter Sasha thinks she might work extra hours to have gas money, but her dad believes there are other ways to save.

"Not only that, but you also have a bicycle on the car," John Pietkiewicz said.

"Oh ,yeah, that's cutting down gas a little bit. the bicycle," Sasha Pietkiewicz said.

"You're going to save money because you'll have a bicycle," John Pietkiewicz said.

"I can ride my bicycle around too. see what I can explore on my bicycle," Sasha Pietkiewicz said.

And there was no way Jim was going to let rising gas prices cancel this trip.

"My daughter hasn't seen Mt. Rushmore, face to face yet and she's going to be very excited," Graham said.

They did have some really good ideas on how to save money on a road trip.

But besides riding your bike, packing a lunch, or cutting back on souvenirs AAA also recommends making sure your tires are properly inflated, and slowing down as other ways you can conserve gas and save money.

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