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Possible solution to high gas prices

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$4.18 baffles General Wesley Clark.

"That's amazing for the Midwest."

General Clark is the co-chairman of Growth Energy, an organization that represents ethanol producers. He's better known as a presidential candidate in 2004 and a four-star general.

Right now, he's focused on ethanol and why he thinks it's a better option than gasoline.

"If they can make an extra penny a gallon, they will. Everybody wants to make a little more money to put their kids in college, to have that retirement home. But, it's a competitive marketplace. We think the real solution to it is to use more green fuel," said General Clark.

He says oil refineries sells to specific regional locations and that they often have shut down for maintenance. That along with supply and demand are causing spikes at the pump.

"It's just a very critical commodity, gasoline, that Americans need so much of it. And, our demand is pretty inelastic. If the price goes way up people still have to get to work, still have to take their kids to school," said General Clark.

The demand for transportation brings us back to Clark's push for ethanol. He says if gas stations, automobile manufacturers, farmers, and technology companies work together ethanol will be a much better product with far greater longevity.

"When it's a dollar cheaper than gas and you can use E85, use the E85. That's the way to deal with the price of gas right now."

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