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Avera Medical Minute AQoP: Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuffs

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Wear and tear can put plenty of strain on a body. For many people surgery is probably going to be in your future.

For years Tom Patzer has dealt with lingering pain in his shoulders. He just figured the decades of making cabinets was starting to catch up with him.

"It just hurt all the time you can't put your coat on and you can't do things like that." Said Patzer.

Tom suspected he may have torn one of the muscles in his shoulder so he met with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Krouse at Avera Queen of Peace.

"Anyone that's highly active, does overhead repetitious activities, we see a fair amount of patients and that sort of scenario." Said Dr. Krouse.

It was a fateful golf swing that ended up tearing Tom's right shoulder and put him under the knife. Tom needed surgery to repair the muscle group that controls the shoulder called the rotator cuff. Because the shoulder is responsible for several important movements, surgery can be a tricky one for doctors.

"We call it multi-planar so it does a fair amount of functions from rolling to slighting and has at least a half-dozen plus muscles involved in its function as well as ligaments so yeah it's complex." Said Dr. Krouse.

Tom's surgery forced him to miss most of last year's golf season, this season was also put in jeopardy. After the successful rehab of his right shoulder, Tom's left shoulder suffered the same fate.

"I was building a house, working on my house and we were putting cabinets in because that's what I do and I felt my whole shoulder just gave way so I knew it was torn." Said Patzer.

Another big blow for Tom, but his silver lining is that years of worn out shoulders were finally getting some TLC.

"Fortunately the way we repair these most of the time now we can do them arthroscopically or minimally invasive that the rehab is less but rehab is just as important as the surgical procedure." Said Dr. Krouse.

And Tom tackled rehab like a champ.

"You go home and you do your exercises and it's one of those things if he tells you to do 20 you do 25 and that way you know you did enough." Said Patzer.

Thanks to Dr. Krouse and his own due diligence, Tom's shoulders feel better than ever.

"It feels awesome! I mean when it's something you haven't been able to do for so long and all of a sudden wow I can do it again it's pretty good." Said Patzer.

"Tom is a perfect patient, highly motivated, very active, and healthy individual. He had discrete tears that we tried the conservative route but unfortunately he had a large enough tear that he required operative management but he did his rehab well and came out with a good outcome." Said Dr. Krouse. 

Tom still has a few weeks left of rehab, but he's definitely got his eyes on the prize.

"Looking forward to getting back on the greens! Absolutely!" Said Patzer.

Like Dr. Krouse said, surgery is not always necessary. The first step is getting your shoulder checked out so you and your doctor can develop a plan of action. For more information about rotator cuff surgery just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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