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More women taking advantage of booming Sioux Falls Construction Industry

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A record 40 percent of moms, both single and married, are the breadwinners of their households—that's according to a Pew Research study this week. 

That 40 percent is up from just 11 percent of women with children back in the 1960s. 

Women are not only working more, but choosing to work in some non-traditional fields as well. 

Many women in the Sioux Falls area are entering the traditionally male-only world of construction.  With Sioux Falls' booming housing market, more women are starting to work in construction management and design—they're even taking on power tools for some hands on work. 

"My screw driver is about this big around, where as Brian's is about this big around, so I have adapted tools to fit my hands," said Constance Berg, co-owner of N Drywall & Construction. 

"I usually dig out the dirt before he excavates and then the concrete guys come in and then I come in and fill dirt in around the walls," said Pam Erickson with Can Do Excavating. 

"I'm cutting and I'm using the saw; if we're tiling, he's on the floor, doing the scraping and I'm cutting, so I'm running the tools," said Berg. 

For many women, getting into the construction business is about family connections. 

"He got really busy, our kids were getting older, I was a stay at home mom for 12 years, and we decided he would get me a skid steer and I would go to work," said Erickson. 

Cynthia Monnin took over as President of Friessen Construction after her Father. 

"He probably wondered how it would go, but he gave me the opportunity and I think he would say it worked out well," said Monnin. 

These women are quickly finding that they not only enjoy the construction industry, they're actually pretty good at what they do. 

"I think there is just really a lot of pride in saying I built that," said Monnin. 

"Most guys don't have the knack for designing and things like this. We're more of the type that if the cabinet fits in there, shove the cabinet in its good enough. Women look at it as, is it functional?" said Brian Berg, Constance Berg's husband and business partner. 

"Its like doing crafts all day. You're doing measuring like when you're sewing, you measure, you fit, and that sort of thing. It's the same way with materials," said Constance Berg. 

It's also a career that's helping more women become the breadwinner of their family. 

"You can make some good money working in the construction field, whether you're an owner, an employee or a subcontractor, you can do well," said Monnin.

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