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Avera Medical Minute ASL: Refueling the Mission

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The stage is set and the mic check is underway, but you're probably asking yourself, what does a concert have to do with health care?

It's a celebration for the staff at Avera St. Luke's and it's a concert headlined by award-winning Christian musician Matthew West.

"It's to show appreciation for all the hard work that they do and hopefully inspire and motivate them through the music and the stories that I tell to continue doing good work and helping people which is what this hospital is all about." Said West.

For the past 111 years the mission of the Presentation Sisters has been present in Aberdeen and that mission has been at the forefront of all care at Avera St. Luke's. Meaning in every hallway and at every bedside, doctors and nurses are treating a patient's mind, body, and spirit.

"Mission walks the hallways is our staff, without our staff we don't have a mission. They carry that out. No matter what physical act you perform for Avera St. Luke's you're part of that mission and you do walk the hallways." Said Todd Forkel, president and CEO of Avera St. Luke's.

Every mission is difficult at times and the troops often need inspiration. That's why the hospital brought in the Grammy Award nominee.

"To know that the staff is walking those halls and praying for the people in those rooms and doing anything by going above and beyond the call of duty. I know in my times in the hospital it meant the world to me when I had a nurse or doctor that with just a kind word could change the outlook of my day." Said West.

For Matthew, every performance is a gift. His voice was something he nearly lost but was restored by surgery on his vocal chords.

"Every time I get on stage it's really a victory for me, I get up onstage and reminded of that time where maybe I wasn't sure if I was ever to be able to use the gift God's given me." Said West.

"Being a faith based organization where Christ is at the center and rooted in our mission to have Matthew here who has that same core to his music ministry is just phenomenal and the staff are extremely excited." Said Forkel.

While doctors at Avera St. Luke's may use the same tools and technology as other hospitals in the area. For Matthew it's the element of faith that sets Avera hospitals apart from the others.

"To think that the mindset and the heartbeat of this staff from the top down at Avera St. Luke's is not just to care for the physical needs of patients but you really care for the life needs and to show them love and a positive atmosphere and attitude I mean it can make all the difference in the life of someone who maybe facing the fight of their life." Said West.

The hospital staff spends every day taking care of others, so for at least this one night they can relax, as someone else is taking care of them.

Matthew West says he'd classify himself as injury prone and has found himself in a hospital bed on several occasions. He says using his gift to encourage those who have helped him is the perfect way to give back. For more information about Avera St. Luke's just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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