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Avera Medical Minute AHH: Outpatient Nutrition Clinic

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Do you ever have questions about what you should or shouldn't eat to stay healthy? Well the Outpatient Nutrition Clinic at the Avera Heart Hospital might be exactly what you need.

Registered Dietitian Nikki Ver Steeg runs the personalized program that's designed to help answer those tricky health questions.

"People go to a doctor appointment and are told to possibly lose weight, and lower their cholesterol, lower the risk of disease and they leave unsure of what steps to take next." Said Ver Steeg.

Many people try and go it alone. While it is humbling to ask for help, having someone to help coach you along is probably the biggest key to success. With this program, it is whatever you want it to be.

"We direct it in whatever path they want to go. Some people are looking for menus some people are just looking for someone to help them through it or what do I change first that's going to give me the most impact to my health?" Said Ver Steeg.

The Outpatient Nutrition Clinic takes a "food first" approach, meaning there are no pills, powders, or crazy schedule you must follow.

"Through our program we try to teach you methods and specific details on how to get your nutrition from food first instead of having to buy a lot of other products that you have to learn how to use them and then adapt to a regular lifestyle we want to merge what we're teaching you into your regular lifestyle and what you're doing now to make it much easier for you and very cost-effective." Said Ver Steeg.

Another major benefit of the program is the medical element. Nikki works with your doctor and can determine the best food choices that will help you reach your goals and help fight of disease as well.

"Of course us as cardiovascular nutrition experts, were focusing a lot of heart disease because that affects a very big group of the population and if we can get people to modify their lifestyle and lose some weight and lower the risk of heart disease we really feel good about it." Said Ver Steeg.

The focus is to try and make people aware of their health and aware that their decisions they make in regards to diet have a direct impact whether they're promoting good health or promoting bad health. While the coaching does come at a cost, it shouldn't be what keeps you from making the healthy change.

"It can be a slight deterrent but really when you look at it it's an investment in your health and in yourself and what better place to be able to put your money and education into than helping you feel better and lower your disease risk." Said Ver Steeg.

The Outpatient Nutrition Clinic is open to the public and is the perfect way to lose a few pounds or to help get your cholesterol levels where they should be. For more information about dietitian services just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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