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Alcoholic Nutrition Labels: Are You Drinking Away Your Calories?

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Alcoholic beverages soon could have nutritional labels like those found on everyday food packaging. These labels would make it very easy to see just how many calories are in your drink.

While enjoying a night on the town, your beverage of choice is probably along for the ride as well. But are you just wasting calories with each sip?

I'm not aware of it at all to be honest with you." Said Mike Carr.

"I do know that it's high in calories and I do that if you drink beer there's a lot of carbs." Said Nancy Nope.

"I think it's kind of pointless because if you're drinking, who cares about your health? Like honestly, straight up!" Said Seth Hardnett.

To be equally honest how could you know? Right now the nutritional information isn't found on the side of a can or bottle. So many people put their trust into the words that are.

"Miller Light, Bud Light, Coors Light those are the kind of things that you think hopefully are lighter in calories but you don't really know because not labeled." Said Jason Yabb.

Hy-Vee dietitian Ann Wipf says without even realizing it, you're little glass of choice could be packing some serious calories.

"It's important to realize that alcohol has almost twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates and protein so the calories in it can rack up pretty fast." Said Wipf.

With every shot, can of beer, or glass of wine you're looking at more than 100 quick calories. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is still discussing whether to make nutrition labels mandatory on every can and bottle. In the meantime, the producers have the choice of whether or not to keep that information secret.

"For them it's probably just an excuse because they don't necessarily want everybody to know what's going into their product." Said Mark Fredricks.

"In a little sense ignorance is bliss, but I really don't believe that, so labels are good!" Said Stacey McMahan. 

Most of the people we spoke with agreed that labels are a good idea, but whether that means people are going to start choosing the healthier option, not so much.

"I don't think it would bother a lot of people, I don't think it will change things." Said Nope.

"If you're worried about getting fat off of beer just don't drink, it's as simple as that but it's dumb that it's even issue that's like putting a nutrition label water, they do that, but it's pointless!" Said Hardnett.

When we told people just how many calories were in their glass, just like their cocktails, we got a mixed reaction.

"That jumps way up there and it makes you think about it a little bit but not too much." Said Yabb.

"It's indifferent, like I said when you're drinking you don't really care." Said Hardnett.

Apparently when it comes to alcohol consumption, to each his own. Whether or not nutrition labels will make people think twice about ordering another round, there is still some sage advice from our panel of experts.

"Just remember, everything in moderation." Said McMahan.

Wipf says an easy way to cut back on the calories is by diluting your drink with sugar free mixers. For instance mixing Diet Coke to your drink instead of Coca-Cola. The rule of thumb is less alcohol, less calories.

For a list of the worst offenders calorie wise click here.



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