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Advanced technology featured in new Vance Thompson Vision center

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The mammoth building made up of 250 tons of steels is equally impressive as it is intimidating. The design is sleek and clean. Every inch of this 31,000 square foot has been considered. A consultant in the business even said this center, standing in the heart of the plains, is the best.

"He said Vance, I've been in a 1,000 centers. I've seen smaller, I've seen bigger. I've never seen anything so smartly designed for what we do," said Dr. Vance Thompson.

Dr. Thompson hails from Gregory. His heart has always been firmly planted in South Dakota soil, his eyes constantly on the future of eye care.

"I never dreamt that I would be able to a part of an emerging technology that would change the world of vision correction right in my home state," said Dr. Thompson.

For the past two decades, Dr. Thompson has been using laser treatments to help people see more clearly. On this day, he's performing 22 corrective procedures.

"I'm about 56,000 down the road."

Vance Thompson Vision has four custom laser machines, tailored to helping people with their specific needs.

(32:51-Marla)-"They're basically going to debride my corneas and then let them grow back, and they'll grow back stronger, and I'll also be able to see," said Marla Lang.

Lang was born with corneas that are too curved. With a calm, positive demeanor Dr. Thompson uses this laser machine to correct her corneal curvature.

"I've heard of a lot of different centers that don't do what Vance does, and I feel like I'm being taken care of by the A team here," said Lang.

In six to eight weeks, Lang will have the freedom she's seeking. She'll be glasses free and seeing better than she ever has.

But, the beauty of this brand new facility isn't just about seeing clearly. It's about liking what you see.

"I had some areas on my face I wanted to take care of," said Patty Frantz. "I have some dark spots and some fine lines under the eyes, and I'm reaching the age where I just want to get more of a youthful appearance."

Dr. Alison Tendler has been working with Dr. Thompson for nearly seven years. In a 30 minute laser skin procedure, she's going to give Frantz the youthfulness she's seeking.

"I'm going to focus around her eyes using laser and heat therapies to try and diminish some of the crows feet around there," said Dr. Tendler.

Having a skin care treatment done under the same roof as a corneal curvature or a cataract surgery is a bit of a head-shaker, let alone in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

"A little bit of an anomaly in the Midwest. You'll tell people where you're from and they're like South Dakota. What are you doing in South Dakota," said Dr. Tendler. "I think if people were to come here see this and see what we're able to do and provide for our patients in the way that we do it they'd fall in love."

And, that's what's at the heart of this beast of a building bordering I229. Dr. Thompson loves helping people. He and his staff now have the square footage to help even more folks see better.

"I always knew those were so important, the technology and the team," said Dr. Thompson. "But, now to do it in world class surroundings is really an honor."

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