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3-year-old boy hears "Daddy loves you" for the first time thanks to rare surgery

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There are so many first moments to remember with children: their first step and their first word, just to name a couple.

Thanks to a remarkable procedure never been done before in America, a 3-year-old boy who is deaf has heard his father's voice.

Young Grayson Clamps eyes lit up the first time he heard his dad's voice say, "Daddy loves you." As the moment unfolded, Grayson's dad asked if he could hear him and Grayson nodded yes.

Grayson was born without hearing nerves in either ear. A cochlear implant at 18-months-old didn't work without any nerves in the ear, so the team turned to an experimental procedure. It is complex brain surgery so rare that Grayson is the first to have it in the United States.

Bypassing the ears altogether, surgeons inserted a tiny microchip directly on the brain's sound processing center right on the brainstem. The chip stimulates hearing by skipping the ears and going right to the brain.

The operation took eight hours and Grayson spent four weeks in the hospital sleeping with a teddy bear. The video showing Grayson hearing his dad for the first time happened a month ago, but Grayson's mother remembers it like yesterday.

"Overwhelmed. Joy. Relief. Excitement," Nicole Clamp said about that miraculous day. "Now we have hope that he will develop speech and live an independent life. Before this there was no hope. This can change his life."

Now, his doctor is even more hopeful than the first day Grayson heard sound.

"The sky's the limit," Dr. Craig Buchanan said.

And that could most certainly be true. A month later, Grayson's mom said is progressing.

"He's more aware of what's going on around him," she told ABC News.

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