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Lake Poinsett and Lake Norden residents clean up damaged trees, homes

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Friday's storms have rocked much of South Dakota, killing one 63-year-old woman near Lake Poinsett and injuring two others. 

After assessing the damage Saturday, the Hamlin County Sheriff says 10 homes were destroyed and another 10 sustained a lot of damage.  Hundreds in the county are still without power. 

People in the Lake Norden and Lake Poinsett community spent the day cleaning up debris, preparing for another round of severe weather on top of Friday night's extreme weather. 

"I've been here 63 years and I've never seen a wind like that," said Joe Jager near Lake Poinsett. 

It was a wind strong enough to rip trees out of the ground. 

"I saw this tree in the front yard and it picks up and starts spinning around," said Hart Nordbye on Lake Poinsett. 

"It takes 30 years to grow one of these things and you just hate to see them uprooted and torn down," said Jager.

Countless trees across the region were uprooted, in some cases, the roots even tore through the cement, buckling side walks in Lake Norden. 

"You'd think these roots would hold this thing up in the air, but there was just so much pressure on that from the straight line winds, that is just ripped it over and the roots come out of the ground," said Jager, standing in front of a massive cottonwood tree that was uprooted during Friday's storm. 

"My neighbors house has a stick that went right through the side of his house," said Nordbye. 

"The neighbors across the street had a tree fall on their vehicle, trees fell on buildings—a tree fell on our shop and put a hole through the roof so now we have a leak," said Dani Reitsma, a member of the Lake Norden community. 

The wind also damaged homes and other structures in Hamlin County. 

"It used to be like an old boat shop, but now the building's gone," said Reitsma of storm damaged building at the junction of Highway 28 & 81. 

"This is what's left of our fireworks stand…we have debris a quarter mile across the field across the road," said Roy Hauschildt near Lake Poinsett. 

"We were building a new house, but as you can see, the house isn't so new any more…every bolt in the house is either bent or busted off, it actually pulled the bolts right off the house," said Nordbye. 

Nearly everything exposed to the wind received some kind of damage. 

"My neighbor's new dock that they sat on two times, they sat on that thing two times, and its completely destroyed, its in pieces on the beach now," said Nordbye. 

"It did bend the flag pole over and the flag got pretty well beat, so we've got a new one that we're going to put up," said Jager. 

"Just clean everything up and put it right back up that's all you can do, just keep going," said Nordbye. 

"There's a lot of work yet....we're just trying to get the mess cleaned up as quick as we can so it doesn't spread," said Hauschildt. 

"Small town, everybody comes together and pitches in so we can just kind of go from area to area, cleaning up trying to do the best we can in case something else happens tonight," said Reitsma. 

Hamlin County is under a severe weather watch again Saturday night along with many counties across South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

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