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Angie's List Report: Remodeling to add space

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Are you looking for more room in your home to accommodate your family? One of the most common reasons to remodel a home is to create more space. In this week's Angie's List report, Nancy Naeve has more on how to maximize and make the space work for you.

Lori's house was built in the late 1940's. The kitchen's appliances were falling apart, so in addition to updating the appliances, it was also a good time to remodel the kitchen and change up its space.

"We changed the layout the layout was very different within the same space that you see and we made the space more open to the family living area beyond, but that would be the main thing," Homeowner Lori said.

One of the most common reasons to remodel a home is to create more space, especially in older homes that have smaller rooms and less square footage.

"The latest trends we are seeing in remodeling are about making your space more open instead of adding on. For example, if you have a small boxy kitchen and living room, we're seeing trends towards taking the walls down and opening the space up," Angie's List Owner Angie Hicks said.

"A lot of times we'll come in and we'll open up a wall in between two rooms. Usually a family room and a kitchen, and then we'll completely redo the kitchen and often make an island where that wall used to be so that it's all inclusive," General Contractor Patti Smith said.
"It's not uncommon for people to have us in and talk to us about how they can use the space more effectively in their home. In other words, they love their lot, they love their mature trees, they like their neighbors, they like their schools and they don't want to move, but they are trying to make their house become what it is if they go into the newer homes on the market today," General Contractor Geoff Horen 

"The idea of opening up space in your house might seem like a simple project, but it's actually pretty tricky because when it comes to taking walls out of your home you want to be sure you know exactly what you are doing. Consulting with a professional, like a structural engineer, to make sure you're not taking out a load bearing wall, which could lead to disaster," Hicks said.

"First of all, I just tell them we are going to make a big mess. Second, we try to contain that mess the very best we can; it depends on their situation in how well we can do that. Construction is not an easy thing and it's not an exact science. So we have to make some mess before we can get to the finished project," General Contractor Dennis Smith said.

"I think that the primary thing that you need to do is you need to make sure you have a decent understanding of how you like to use your space more effectively. You don't have to have all the answers, you just have to understand what your needs are and be able to effectively communicate them to a company like ours," Horan said.

If you don't have the budget now for a large-scale remodeling project, there are small, yet strategic improvements that will create more space. You can create additional floor space by removing bulky bookcases and entertainment centers and replacing them with shelves and cabinets. An interior designer or decorator, even a professional organizer, can help you maximize the space you have.



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