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Student teen driver discourages friends from distracted driving

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If you're a parent of a teen who's just learning how to drive,  it might be a good time to have a talk about distracted driving.

Keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel aren't just good advice for teens, it's the law.

Fourteen-year-old David Pimentel is taking his first driving lesson.

But he already has some good advice for other teens in the driver's seat.

"If it's my friends and stuff, I'm kind of cautious, to keep my eyes on the road for them, or I'll just tell them they should probably be watching the road," Pimentel said.

But David's driving instructor, Roy Lindsay explained, for South Dakota teens, keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel aren't just suggestions, it's the law.

"Texting, talking on the phone, eating, those are all distractions that take your thoughts and your attention away from driving," Lindsay said.

And he makes sure his students follow the rules of the road.

"A distracted driver is not really paying attention to what's happening on the road out ahead of them. and so, when you're talking about split second decisions, and that when someone pulls out, an animal runs out, you need to make sure that your attention is focused on your driving," Lindsay said.

It's also advice from David's parents, which he keeps in the back of his mind while driving.

"They're always talking to me about keeping my eyes on the road. making sure that I'm not doing other dumb stuff like texting, talking. I guess, if I do get a ticket, they said I won't be driving for a long time," Pimentel said.

That's a lesson for all of us, to make sure when we're in the driver's seat that we put down our phones, keep our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road.

The law bans teens aged 14 to 16 from using a cell phone while driving.

But it's a secondary offense.

So if an officer pulls over a teen for something else, they could get a ticket.

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