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Lake Poinsett residents continue storm clean up over the holiday weekend

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It is a busy 4th of July weekend on Lake Poinsett as the area caters to hundreds of visitors while still recovering for the latest natural disaster. 

It's been two weeks since a deadly wind storm tore through the Lake Poinsett community. So instead of enjoying the holiday weekend on the lake, many area homeowners were still busy cleaning up after Mother Nature. 

"The joke with my neighbor and me is we see a boat and the lake and we go well they don't live on the lake cause they're able to recreate…you hate the money deal , but lost time, that's the one, lost time is time you never get back," said Lake Poinsett Homeowner Roger Starks. 

Starks and his neighbors have been cleaning up trees and other debris left from the storm—adding a new work load on top of the repairs many homeowners are still making from Lake Poinsett's long list of natural disasters. 

"Flood started in 2010, 11, clean up in 12, wind in 13," said Starks. 

"In 11 years I've seen three floods and then this last one was a wind storm and one hail storm," said Stark's neighbor Dennis Nemmers. 

The Starks have been working on repairing and elevating their lake front home since the 2011 flood. 

"We figure we'll be done this year, it's only taken two years," said Starks. 

Some homeowners who did finish flood repairs are back to square one after this wind storm. 

"They lost their house in the 2011 flood and they just got that on their last year…and they lost it again," said Nemmers of his next door neighbor's home destroyed in the wind storm. 

A few neighbors have decided to throw in the towel. 

"My wife and I are both over 70 years old…when you get older its just harder to do it and there's just always something going on out here that you need to be fixing," said Denny Zea who's owned his home on Lake Poinsett for the past 17 years. 

Others in the neighborhood say it will take more than Mother Nature to scare them away from their lake. 

"People here are not quitters, you don't see many people leaving, we all scream and complain about it, but if it were so bad we'd all leave," said Starks. 

"I mean, just look at the lake," said Nemmers. "It's a great place to live." 

"I'm really going to miss this deck behind me, coming out and sitting on that swing when there's just a little breeze and you can just sit out here, look at the lake, it can be just beautiful up here with the moon and stars…its a fun place to be and I would think for a younger family, it would just be great," said Zea.

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