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Pierre movie makers' 'Dust of War' premieres at Comic-Con

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Pierre is synonymous for a number of things; the State Capitol, Missouri River and the Oahe Dam, but we think very soon you'll also think movie makers. Nancy Naeve met three ambitious men in their 20's who are debuting their movie "Dust of War" at the San Diego Comic-Con Film Festival on Thursday and they say they couldn't be more proud to be Sci-Fi nerds.

Dust of War is an independent film that features all of the things you're probably looking for in an action movie - explosions, car chases,  good, old fashioned, down and dirty action and Ii have it on good authority there are also aliens involved.  Even better than that, it was made in South Dakota, written and produced by these three long-time friends from Pierre.  Andrew Kightlinger is the director, Adam Emerson is the producer and Steven Luke is the lead actor.  Kightlinger says the best way to describe the post apocalyptic movie is "Star Wars on the Prairie."

"It's your classic science fiction type of film. Buck Rogerzie hero who needs to save the girl from the villain, "Kightlinger said.

The men started writing in January of 201. They started filming 8 months later in August mostly outside of Pierre near a quarry and a little in Wall.  Three years later it's making its world debut at Comic-Con.  A perfect venue the guys were thinking about when they started this project. 

"Making a film is exciting and horrific. Everything is perfect until you start making the moving and then everything feels like it's complete chaos. Everyday there are problems exaggerated by sheer disasters and really what makes good film makers is how you deal with those problems and I think we did that. I would love to be a film producer. It's easily the funnest thing I get to do and sometimes get paid for it, "Adam Emerson said.
Steven Luke plays action hero Abel in the movie, even though Tony Todd from "Candyman" gets top billing. Andrew said it was a contract thing.  Two other well knows: Doug Jones from "Hellboy" and Gary Graham from the "Star Trek Enterprise" Franchise. And the villain is Andrew's teacher from film school at Boston University.  No one took the beating Steven did on set though.
"The hard part when doing stunts to do them safely and be in character and it's difficult because you don't want to show that you are thinking about all the safety things that need to happen so you don't hurt yourself. The exciting part about reading a script is seeing the unique ways you end someone's life, mostly with your bare hands. It's okay! They are the bad guys," Steven laughed.

Steven was part of all 27 days of filming, so I figured he had a ton of lines to memorize.  Not so, he mostly made a lot of stoic faces and used his eyes.  Andrew says Steven has a perfect face for film.  A film they are beyond pumped to show in California.

"We're excited. We all worked hard not just us, the whole crew, cast of over 300 extras who all converged in Pierre to be a part of this. It's so cathartic. Comic-con is perfect for this film," Andrew said.

Comic-con is hard to get into. You have to be invited and they only accept 4 features, one of which is "Dust of War".   This fall it will debut in Sioux Falls and hopefully one day in theaters near you and world wide.



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