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Rachel Do My Job: Cagey the Canary

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For most Summer just isn't Summer without taking the family out to catch a ball game. But those nine innings of play aren't just hard work for those at bat or on the mound. There is a big bird named Cagey who has nine innings of non-stop work.

Brody Busho with the Sioux Falls Canaries says, "Before work you definitely want to hydrate. Especially in weather like this. You will probably loose about five pounds of water. You sweat it out during the entire game. You generally smell for the next two days."

With a job description like that who wouldn't want to try being a mascot? The canaries staff was very up front and told me they weren't sure if I really knew what I had gotten myself into. We shot this story a few weeks ago on a very hot Saturday night. Temperatures were close to 90 degrees.

First I learned there are a lot of steps to looking like Cagey and all of them just make you warmer and warmer and warmer. After quite some time I had all the parts on for the mascot. At this point I was still in air conditioning and I was already sweating.

Once I learned some basics about wing flapping and walking, I had to make it down a lot of stairs to get down to the seats and eventually the field. I finally got down the stairs and completely blew by an adoring fan but luckily my mascot wrangler Kayla got me in the right direction to say hello.

From there I was giving out a lot of High 5's while trying to stay on my feet. Before I knew it, it was game time, so I welcomed the team onto the field. But Cagey needs an entrance too! So I climbed on top of the dugout to wow the crowd with some pretty sweet dance moves.

At this point I can't even describe how much I was sweating. In fact you probably don't want me to. But that doesn't mean I didn't have a great time watching some adorable faces. And I think its those smiles that gave me some Cagey confidence. The stairs got a little easier and I didn't have as much trouble moving around in general.

It's a great job, but I don't know how the real cagey is able to do nine innings in all of those feathers. I got to meet some great people and some great kids and although my shirt ended up a much darker color than when I started I absolutely see why this job is so much fun.

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