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Tim McGraw gets a workout in at Tryon Gym, Saturday

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There's no question he's been one of country music's biggest names to hit Sioux Falls. Tim McGraw performed to a sold-out crowd at the W. H. Lyon Fairgrounds, Saturday night.

But before he hit the stage, he had an encounter with another group in Sioux Falls.

For a handful of trainers at Sioux Falls' Tryon Gym, they'd be the first to say it's not everyday you get to meet an A-List celebrity. But this past Saturday, it was a whole different story.

One of the trainers knew a member of the Tim McGraw security team and it just so happens Tim and his crew needed a place to get a good workout.

"I thought it was a joke kind of thing but then I realized it was serious. I told my friends. We were all excited. We all sat here and waited for him to show up, he showed up, it was pretty cool," trainer Ned Sacipovic said.

For two hours, Saturday, down in 'the dungeon', Tim McGraw got his sweat on.

"Being a girl, he's the country heart-throb. I didn't really believe he would come. I didn't know if I could tell anyone. When he walked in, I thought it was a dream. But I realized, he's just a regular person too but when you see him that night, it was amazing. It's like 'wow, that's the country singer that was just in our gym'," trainer Heidi Burdine said.

Not only did Tim McGraw stop by, he even left a few tickets to the sold-out concert, as well.

"We were all trying to get ticket and they were sold out, when they said they could get us some, I dropped what I was doing and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go and it was an amazing concert," Burdine said.

What's even better, he asked for a Tryon "trainer" t-shirt and wore it that very night.

"To see someone wearing our logo it's amazing and we're so thankful he did it. I don't know many other people who would have done that, to wear that on stage when he could have worn whatever else he wants to," Burdine said.

The trainers said seeing him wear that shirt was pretty cool but also seeing first-hand how dedicated he was to fitness and getting a good workout, with little distraction, was exactly what the Tryon Gym team is all about.

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