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80s rock lives on with unlikely group of band members

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Tight pants, shoulder pads and oh those hairstyles; lots of things come to mind when you think back to the 80s.  But one thing that lives on is the music.  And one band loves to Rock ‘n Roll, even if it's the last group you'd expect to be performing it.

Like most bands, Oryx started out with one thing in common, a love of 80s music. 

"I met these guys and they like the music I like," Alec Dagel said.  He's the band's drummer.

"The first song we ever played was Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses," Duel Shape said.  He's the band's lead singer.

A surprising declaration, when you consider just who's in this band.  The members include: Duel Shape,18, Jacob Williams, 17, Alec Dagel, 17, Dan Roa, 18, and Tristan Tupy, 17. Not a single band member could tell you what it was like to grow up in the 1980s because they're all products of the 90s, the mid 90s.

"A lot of people are so surprised that we're this young and playing this music," Williams said.

Four of them are still in high school, a place where status is determined by the music you listen to. Music trends have changed a bit since the songs they sing were hits. 

"That's the stuff that's focused on guitar, listen to a song now-a-days you're not going to hear much guitar," Tristan Tupy said.  He plays guitar for the band.

"If you're our age you're into hip hop and all that stuff which kind of isn't our thing," Williams said.

For a music style known for its excess, most might think this laid back group of guys doesn't fit the mold. But when they're performing, a crowd can do amazing things.

"I'm a shy guy in real life," Alec Dagel said.  He plays bass for the band.  "I'm a different person on stage."

"Everybody's got to get their wild side going. Once they see everybody else having a good time, everybody starts coming up and then that's when I bring out the animal inside me," Shape said.

Those crowds are rarely full of the screaming girls you might expect.  This band attracts rockin' moms and dads.

"They're all singing every word to every song you're playing and they've got their hands in the air freaking out," Tupy said.

"I think the adults think it's really cool.  The kids our age don't really care for it."

Most kids their age are spending theirFriday and Saturday nights with friends. These guys are performing at events like Automania and bars across SouthDakota.  Their ID is a set list of songs that take people back.

So how did a group of teenagers born the same year the Macarena topped the billboard charts develop a love of hair band and guitar riffs? 

"I think our parents," Williams said.

"Its just kind of the stuff our parents listened to," Tupy said. 

So while their classmates at Parker and Bridgewater High Schools question their obsession with their parents' music, these guys say come check out one of their shows.

Oryx is actually pretty busy these days.  The band says they have gigs lined up each weekend until November.  They've also recorded some of their own music, but don't count on them giving up on the 80sanytime soon.

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