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Shawn and Nancy take in the 4-H Cat Show

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There is so much to see and do at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls. Shawn and Nancy are trying to highlight some of the fun things they found.
  Our first stop was in the Armory and if you know Nancy, it may surprise you, but it was totally her idea.

Shawn: Our first stop is the Cat Show and she (the judge) already ripped somebody for the name of the cat.
Nancy: I get a bad rap for not liking cats but look at this. This is Henry and I like him a lot. Hello kitty, kitty, kitty, give me a little kiss.
Shawn: Henry is your cat?
4-Her Ben Maifeld: Yes
Shawn: What's your name?
Ben: Ben
Shawn: Where do you live?
Ben: Sioux Falls
Shawn: Tell us about Henry?
Ben: He is a 4 month old neutered Marco-Tabby kitten.
Nancy: And how do you think you'll do today?
Ben: I don't know. Ha.
Nancy: Do you get judged on cuteness?
Ben: Yes, there is one.
Nancy: Oh good. I thing you'll do pretty well.
Ben: Yeah
Nancy: Do you think he (the cat) likes Shawn?
Shawn: He probably smells my cat. We gave our cats a bath this weekend.
Nancy: Good luck!
Judge Norma Anderson: What a beautiful beautiful baby. Look.
Nancy: This is my favorite kind of cat. A baby who's sleeping. Its name is Hilda. I love that name. Ha.
Shawn: Do you take questions from the media?
Norma: Sure. Come on over.
Shawn: Alright I want to know. Do you think these cats look rotten or do you think they are work hanging around and keeping them a while?
Norma: They are definitely worth keeping around.
Shawn: That's what I kind of thought.
Norma: Yeah, they are gorgeous. The red and white is a boy. See? Because most red and white cats are boys.
Shawn: I did not know that.
Norma: Well you do now.
Nancy: You have so many ear hairs. See they like me. Look at this cat. She loves me.

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