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Shawn & Nancy's Trip to the Fair: The Petting Zoo

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Our week of fun at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls continues with a trip to the Big Red Barn on the west edge of the fairgrounds and wouldn't you know it, we found the perfect tour guide; little Elias Ford from Sioux Falls.  Nancy really knows how to pick them out of a crowd including complete strangers.

Shawn: Hey buddy! Can I have a high five?
Nancy: Is there anything better than a cute baby and cute animals? It's Old Macdonald's Petting Zoo. Should we go look?
Elias Ford: Uh huh.
Nancy: Do you like puppies? Oh, you're so cute.
Shawn: You are cute.
Nancy: Oh, I love you. Want to go look at some animals?
Elias: Uh huh
Shawn: Cute puppies!
Nancy: Are you done?
Shawn: Quick trip to the puppies.
Nancy: Yeah. They won't let me hold the puppy. Do they know how many dogs I have? It breaks my heart. -- What's a lamb say? Baaaa
Elias: Baaaa
Shawn: Baaaaa
Elias: Baaaaa
Nancy: Do it again.
Elias: Baaaa
Shawn: Nice one! What's a piggy say?
Elias: Baaa
Shawn: How about oink, oink, oink?
Elias: Oink, Oink!
Shawn: Oink, Oink!
Elias: Oink, Oink!
Shawn: This is a llama or in Spanish, a llama.
Nancy: I called it a camel.
Shawn: Nice
Elias: I want more pigs.
Nancy: Where are you going?
Elias: More pigs.
Nancy: More pigs? -- I love you!
Elias: Quack, quack, quack.
Nancy: Do you want him to be your boyfriend? Do you want to be her boyfriend?
Elias: Moooooo, Moooooo! -- Bye, bye
Nancy: Bye!
Elias: Bye ducks!

Thursay's headliner at the Grandstand is Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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