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Avera Medical Minute ASH: Coaching Healthy Habits

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People are often told by their physician that they need to improve their eating habits and lose weight, but most of us have no real understanding of what to do. So how do you win the battle of the bulge? One-on-one education at Avera Sacred Heart is helping patients succeed.

Diets, exercise, and healthy living. For many people these simple concepts are hard to put into practice. In most cases, all you need is a little coaching.

"Our dietitians are here to help everyone in our community as best they can with their nutrition concerns." Said Doralynne Jarvis, the Nutrition Services Director at Avera Sacred Heart.

The Avera Sacred Heart dietitians are probably the best kept secret in Yankton, but for those looking to change, they're willing to help.

"We all eat every day and we all drink every day, we make those decisions ourselves and sometimes just meeting with that dietitian and getting a little extra counseling can help move you in the right direction because you may think you know what you need to do but by getting that little boost can really help make those decisions a little bit easier." Said Jarvis.

Not all clients come willingly. Many are here because years of poor habits are putting strain on the heart as well as their waistband. After a stint at the hospital old lifestyles must be changed. That's where a tailor-made a regimen can help the change stick.

"We take that all into account you know current behaviors that they're doing current habits and trends of them might be in that we might be able to help turn around and help them improve that way." Said Nicole Haberer, a dietitian and assistant nutrition services director.

"Our dietitians, depending on what the patient will need, can work at different levels and maybe provide a shopping list for patients they may be working on helping read a food label for our patients especially if you just recently have been diagnosed with a food allergy or needing to follow a gluten-free diet." Said Jarvis.

The bathroom scale tends to be the killer of most diets. When the weight stops dropping, the plan is abandoned or people turn to pharmaceuticals. What the dietitians employ is the "food first" approach of building your diet around natural choices, not pills.

"There are so many drinks out there that are pre-made and vitamins and supplements to be purchased we really encourage foods first because you can guarantee that the nutrients in food are bio-available for your body to digest more readily than a supplement and you know exactly what you're getting." Said Jarvis.

So if you're looking to change your life for the better, the Avera Sacred Heart dietitians can help, and make sure a hospital bed is the last place you end up.

"If you can live a good healthy lifestyle and follow some of the recommendations that we give to you it can definitely keep you out of the hospital." Said Haberer.

The Avera Sacred Heart dietitians offer counseling to anyone but prefer you have a doctor's referral so they can develop a plan that is both physically and medically tailored to you. For more information about dieting and nutrition just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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