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Billboard message asks people about faith

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There are a few billboards in our area featuring a question of faith.

And the group behind the signs asks people who don't believe in god to join them.

Some might be bothered by the message.

KSFY News met with a pastor whose response to the billboards might surprise you.

For some people, a belief in God may give comfort that they're not alone. But one South Dakota group is asking the question 'Don't Believe in God? Join the Club' to let non-believers know there are others out there, just like them.

South Dakota Coalition of Reason's Amanda Novotny said these billboards also carry a message for believers.

"I just want them to know that atheists are people they already know, are friends, family , neighbors, we're just like everybody else," Novotny said.

And the coalition hopes people are not offended by the question of faith.

"That question is just reaching out to other non-believers, so if you read it and it says 'Don't Believe in God?' and that doesn't apply to you , then go ahead and skip right over it. But if it does apply to you, and you're thinking, 'yeah, I don't believe in God,' then go ahead and read the rest of it. Join the club," Novotny said.

Embrace Church Pastor Adam Weber said "in general, people are searching, and so it's awesome to be part of church. We're talking about the Lord and we're coming from the Bible but really have a bunch of people come from all different sorts of places."

Pastor Weber believes God can handle the question.

"Just being thankful that people can be real with where they're at and not just believe something because a lot of people in this area believe something. I thought it was actually kind of encouraging in some ways that people are able to say what they actually feel and believe," Weber said.

And while some may not believe, Pastor Weber said his faith defines him.

"For me it's been everything. When I came to become a Christian, I knew there was a step of faith involved. There wasn't going to be an equation to prove God's existence and yet it's really been everything for me," Weber said.

Whether you believe in God or not, some believe asking the question of faith opens up the conversation for everyone.

The South Dakota Coalition for Reason says since the billboards have gone up, they have had a huge increase in membership.

They say it's all about connecting with people who didn't know there was anything out there for them.

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