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Obama sends Syria decision to Congress

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It's no secret the Middle East is a powder-keg for conflict. With the Syrian Regime using chemical weapons on its own people, the United States once again finds itself on the brink of another war.

"After careful deliberation I've decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian Regime targets."

President Obama made his intentions very clear, but he's letting congress also weigh in.

"It is my view that it's very appropriate that the president does consult with congress, they after all represent the views of the American people as well as the President represents their views." Said former South Dakota State political science professor Bob Burns.

Burns says President Obama is actually bucking the trend of his predecessors by handing the decision over to congress. No one wants to see the United States involved in another war, but the use of chemical agents forced the president's hand. Senator John Thune agrees.

"Clearly using chemical weapons if it's not responded to could lead to that used against our allies or perhaps against us at some point." Said Senator Thune.

In his address to the nation, President Obama said no boots will be on the ground and it will be a short engagement. Both Senator Thune and Representative Kristi Noem are hoping congress is able to see this plan and make sure it does not turn into a quagmire like Iraq did for President George W. Bush.

"Public opinion was behind him at the beginning of that and we know things can change, as things drag on we want to make sure that if action is taken into Syria that it's something we know what the plan is all the way through." Said Representative Noem.

"Becoming involved requires the weighing of so many very difficult matters and I don't envy those who have to make these decisions." Said Burns.

Both at home and abroad there are those who disagree with the US getting involved in Syria; but as the president said, it's not only our security but our values that prevent us from turning a blind eye.

"It's just one of those no-win situations for the United States; tragically also a no-win situation for the Syrian people." Said Burns.

The President could be taking a gamble by letting a divided congress debate and delay a military response. The President's request will be heard when the summer recess ends on September 9th.

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