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Avera Medical Minute ASH: Outpatient Rehab Renovation

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Coming back after a surgery can be a difficult undertaking for many patients and rehab is a critical element of recovery. Avera Sacred Heart in Yankton is keeping things convenient and simple to help ensure patients stick with the program.

"I've enjoyed coming back here every week because every time I come back I'd feel better and better." Said Dave Budig.

Dave is one hard worker, but over the years, that strain has thrown his shoulders out-of-whack.

"I don't know, I've been accused of throwing a lot of stuff around (laughs) but it was just worn out I guess, over the years!" Said Budig.

Dave had rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder a few years back and this year he had a total joint replacement on his right shoulder. For several weeks he's been rehabbing with physical therapist Kevin O'Brien at Avera Sacred Heart.

"Dave would do everything I asked him to do and he did an excellent job in getting his range of motion back and then we progressed him to some strengthening and functional type of things that he needs to do." Said O'Brien.

"We did different moves and different stretches and that sort of thing, you know things to help me so that I could end up, ultimately raising my hand and put a belt loop in the back and that sort of thing." Said Budig.
After surgery many people find it difficult to perform daily tasks like cooking or cleaning and need some help in easing back into their old lifestyle.

"If you can't do those things you don't really think about them very often until you can't do them and then when you can't do him that's when occupational therapy comes in and we really try to work to get people back to being as independent as possible." Said Beryl Olson, an occupational therapist at Avera Sacred Heart.
How is the hospital ensuring that happens? With it's newly enhanced outpatient rehab center. Not only has the facility doubled its space, every service is now under one roof.

"Now we have everything in one location so all of our PT, OT, Speech, Outpatient Therapy occurs here in this department." Said Olson.

Individual rooms offer patients privacy and the extra space allow therapists to utilize several different methods without feeling so crammed.

"It just makes the job a lot easier when you have all these tools, it's hard enough to treat people; but when you have the tools available to you that help make that process go easier it's invaluable to have a facility like this." Said O'Brien.

Keeping things simple for patients is critical, if they have to go to different buildings for different therapies it's more likely they'll skip the appointments.  Ask any doctor or therapist, rehab is just as important as the surgery.

"It's extremely important if patients don't do that they end up with a stiff arm or they can't functionally use it to reach a cupboard or whatever it is they what to do to do so I've heard horror stories and seen horror stories from patients that don't do their therapy and it makes all the difference in the world." Said O'Brien.

Going to rehab might not be first on Dave's list of favorites, but he definitely has the right attitude and no excuses.  

"Oh yeah! Well I'm retired so my schedule is pretty rough, but I can squeeze it in there and manage to do that (laughs)." Said Budig.

Having all therapies in one location also ensures that patients are treated quickly and efficiently. Physicians, therapists, nurses, social workers, and chaplains are all just a few steps away. For more information about outpatient rehab just call 877-AT-AVERA.


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