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USD professor weighs in on Syrian unrest

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Deep divisions over Syria are surfacing, not only among world leaders and lawmakers, but among people of our war-weary nation.

We asked a local political expert to shed some light on this polarizing issue.

Dr.  Tim Schorn is a USD professor and expert in international studies. Having spent time in a number of Middle Eastern countries and having spent years on studying overseas affairs, he knows what he's talking about.

Dr. Schorn has been keeping a watchful eye on the unrest in Syria but he says it's no surprise.

"We can expect the Assad Regime can escalate its response to what the opposition forces are doing. The fact that the Assad regime has so many weapons at their disposal, we can assume it's inevitable the chemical weapons were going to be used," Dr. Tim Schorn said.

A large-scale attack using, what Dr. Schorn calls indiscriminate weapons, wasn't something international communities could ignore... especially President Obama.

"I think the fact he announced he was willing to use military force was not necessarily a surprise but then he took a little step back and say, first, he wants to consult with Congress did make it look like there was more doubt in his mind," Dr. Schorn said.

Now, it's up to Congress.

"If he's going to take this step and  find himself leading American forces into war again, he wants to know Washington is behind him, especially members of congress," he said. "The question becomes: how long does the strike last? Are we going to launch cruise missiles to take out particular elements of the Assad Regime as a slap on the wrist... A more prolonged strike where we attempt to degrade..."

He says those answers will come with time.

"I think something we have to realize is that we don't know what exactly will happen, the after effects and we'll just have to watch and wait," Dr. Schorn said.

If congress votes in favor of an attack, Dr. Schorn says both sides have enough weapons, are dug in strong and this could be a fight that would last well into the foreseeable future.

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