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Veterans voice their opinions on Syria

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As we wait until Tuesday for the president to make his case to the American people, many have already made up their minds.

KSFY News  spoke with some veterans to get their thoughts.

We went to a pancake breakfast at the VFW here in Sioux Falls.

And while we can't say we spoke with every single person who was there, every vet we did speak with, shared the same opinion.

All across the country, Americans are out rallying for or protesting against taking action on Syria.

And here in Sioux Falls, there's a lot more than food being served up at this pancake breakfast.

These veterans of foreign wars all have an opinion to offer on the crisis in Syria.

And most seem to share the same opinion. They say we can't afford to get involved.

Tom Gilbert said "there's really not much that we can do about it. And we're not really the world's policemen. And we shouldn't be. We found that out during Vietnam, we found it out during Iraq, Afghanistan. We shouldn't be doing it."

Ted Aanenson said "I feel for those people that got gassed. I really, really do, but we can't be all over the world, you know, so I don't think we should."

There were many vets who didn't want to go on camera but they all shared their thoughts with us.

They're not only against any boots on the ground in Syria, but also taking any military strikes.

In fact, one vet challenged us to find anyone there in support of taking action against Syria.    

We didn't and he said we probably wouldn't.

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