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Many local veterans say getting involved in Syria is bad for the country

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All across the country this weekend, Americans were speaking out on the crisis in Syria.

Many were protesting against taking action on Syria.

And some were rallying for military strikes to stop the attacks on civilians.

KSFY News spoke with some veterans to see what they think.

Many people are shocked and saddened by the images we've seen coming out of Syria but we spoke with a few veterans here who tell us, what's happening over there, is none of our business.

There's a lot more than food being served up at this pancake breakfast. These veterans of foreign wars all have an opinion to offer on the crisis in Syria.

Tom Gilbert said "they are allegedly using chemical weapons but we don't really know that for sure. If we're going to do a retaliatory strike, it should have been a lot sooner than it was."

Gilbert served in Vietnam, and like many other vets looking at the situation in Syria, he says we've been down this road before.

"We found that out during Vietnam, we found it out during Iraq, Afghanistan. We shouldn't be doing it," Gilbert said.

Ted Aanenson served in WWII.  And he believes taking military action against Syria is bad for our country.

"We'll get tied down and we'll be stuck there for years and years and years. We can't afford it," Aanenson said.

"There's really not much that we can do about it. And we're not really the world's policemen. And we shouldn't be," Gilbert added.

"You can't win. I's a deal where you can't win for losing," Aanenson said.

The president plans to address the American people this week, but taking action against Syria may be a hard sell for many.

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