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Antique car tour comes to eastern South Dakota

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The weekend wrapped up the Sioux Falls Horseless Carriage Club's big tour of antique cars through eastern South Dakota.

Groups of cars from the early 1900s were showcased and their owners there to tell us about them.

"Another guy that's here in Iowa we went don't there and convinced him to sell it to us. And of course it wasn't free. But it's pretty rare, 1910 Peerless, it's a fifty horse speed, seven passenger and it rolls down the road really good. 35-40, it's always the king of the show."

"We drive our cars, all of our cars are 1915 and older. We've probably got about 12 states represented from all over the United States. We have people from the East Coast and the West Coast and in between. And we drive the cars each day and travel with them."

"This vehicle right here is a 1910 Speedster A. I only know and only believe there is like five of these models in existence. One of the nicest things about these antique cars are the people that are associated with it," Glyndon Knutson said. " They are all really great people. For the year and age of it rides pretty well. They are a little bit noisy."

"This car isn't used to driving on nice smooth roads like we have today, it was used to driving on horse trails, buggy trails, and pastures. So most of the time they never even got to ride these cars in high gear. Second gear was as fast as they could go."

"Uniqueness are they are called brass cars, and the reason they are called brass cars is that they did not trim them in nickel and chrome, they basically had shiny brass and thus that brass era was dated pre-1916."

"Moisture, water and hand prints that all tarnishes brass and to make it look nice you need to polish it. And these engines are very primitive so they need constant attention."

"Normally when we restore these cars we like to think that we have them back to their original condition, but even the original condition sometimes isn't very good."

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