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Avera Medical Minute AQoP: Platte hospital ranks best in the nation

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It's a common thought that if you go to a small town hospital, you'll receive sub-standard care. When it comes to the Avera Health System that couldn't be further from the truth. Hospitals across the nation now have their eyes trained on a little town called Platte.

"Because we were able to have the hospital here and the staff that they have she is alive." Said Kristi Wagner.

If you live in Platte or are just stopping to get gas, chances are you've met Neva Morgen.
Before April 14th, 2013, Neva hardly ever came to the hospital, aside from  her annual check-ups. But on that day she was in the fight for her life.

"I didn't have a cough, a headache, a cold, nothing!" Said Morgen.
But Neva still called her daughter Kristi to come over to her house. The last thing Neva remembers is walking to the car, but nothing about her ordeal at the hospital.  

"She's pretty healthy! She never comes in so we knew right away but she was really ill, her oxygen levels were low, she wasn't responding well." Said Dr. Jerome Bentz, a family physician at Platte Health Center Avera.

Dr. Bentz was the emergency physician that day. Despite no real symptoms he noticed Neva's organs were failing.  The emergency department at the small hospital rallied, Avera e-emergency was dialed in, and all hands were working to save Neva.  

"All of a sudden we have all kinds of people helping us, three RN's were here, I read the note this morning we had lab, x-ray, and myself in the emergency room, people at Avera McKennan, suddenly I have a whole team working on her." Said Dr. Bentz.

"It looked like they were so well were so well organized because everybody was doing something different but all for the purpose of helping mom." Said Wagner.

Neva was later diagnosed with Bilateral Lower Lobe Pneumonia and Sepsis. Dr. Bentz and the staff stabilized her then sent her on to Avera McKennan in Sioux Falls. But it was the treatment she received in Platte that proved critical.

"If we did not have this hospital here and not only this hospital but the staff that they have and what they were able to help her with she would not be alive what she was sick with was life-and-death." Said Wagner.

"God was with me and so was my hero Dr. Bentz, and all these people." Said Morgen.

It's stories like Neva's that truly show the caliber of care given at Platte Health Center Avera.  
The nation is taking notice. For hospitals under 100 beds, Healthstream data ranked Platte Health Center Avera number one in the country .

"It seems to be almost unbelievable compared to all the other hospitals and that's like the icing on the cake!" Said Dr. Bentz.

Dr. Bentz says being rewarded for their work means a lot for the hospital and the staff but the real reward comes from seeing sick people like Neva get better.  

"That feels really good but I'll but I also think that probably if you go to any emergency room and talk to their staff and most places you find that they all go to work for the same reason we do, to try to help people and have outcomes like Neva's and have something to feel good about." Said Dr. Bentz.

"Absolutely no doubt she would not be here without what happened here in the short amount of time that we were in the emergency room in the Platte hospital, no doubt." Said Wagner. 

"They saved my life, I would not be here." Said Morgen.

Platte Health Center Avera received the "Excellence through Insight" award for overall emergency department patient satisfaction. The hospital will be officially awarded in October at an event in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information just call 877-AT-AVERA.
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