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Avera Medical Minute ASH: Shoulder surgery in a small town

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David Koletzky works on his surgically repaired shoulder with Dr. Brent Adams. David Koletzky works on his surgically repaired shoulder with Dr. Brent Adams.

For many of us, we assume those daily aches and pains are just part of getting older. However, In many cases relief is just around the corner.  

For the better part of five years David Koletzky has been living with severe shoulder pain.

"It's been going on for a few years and I decided I'd give it a try and see how things come out." Said Koletzky.

So David had his shoulder checked out by Dr. Brent Adams, an orthopedic surgeon with Yankton Medical Clinic P.C.

"As we age we get some spurs in the shoulder, they damage tissues and things and you can get a rotator cuff tear pretty easily." Said Dr. Adams.

David was diagnosed with a partial tear in his left rotator cuff, a condition that required surgery. But instead of an open surgical operation, David's shoulder was able to be repaired arthroscopically.

"Techniques have been developed where you can do it basically through about three or four stab incisions and the tools have come along way the scopes have come along way and the pumps that we use the anesthesia all that stuff has gotten a lot better so that were able to do this." Said Dr. Adams.

The ability to offer these less invasive procedures locally in Yankton has a lot to do with Avera Sacred Heart hospital's recent renovations. That starts with the new surgery center.  

"Avera has been great with helping us get all the instruments and stuff we need to do this because when I first arrived here we really didn't have much as far as the tools again it takes certain equipment to do this." Said Dr. Adams.

Getting his shoulder back was one thing, but David says having the surgery done was beneficial on so many levels.

"No pain, you know a Tylenol here and there but that was it really! That's what really got me pumped up too, not having to take all that medication." Said Koletzky.

"I think the biggest benefit is that you don't have a large incision and soft tissue damage that is associated with the incision, I think people's recovery and rehab is less painful for them and they can rehab a little bit quicker." Said Dr. Adams.

Which is extremely critical. Surgery is only the first step, rehab is just as important in helping muscles heal. The hospital's renovated rehab center helps ensure that happens.  

"You can't cheat biology, you can put the muscles back down where they need to be but they need to heal so biology needs help and rehab is huge and we have good therapy people here in Yankton that can help you through that." Said Dr. Adams.

"It's painful somewhat, but if you do your exercises like you're supposed to it wasn't near as bad as what other people have told me." Said Koletzky.

David's arm strength has returned and thanks to Dr. Adams and the care he received in Yankton he couldn't be happier with his new and improved shoulder.

"I was close to home and friends and the staff here was great they did an excellent job all the way around." Said Koletzky.

David went through muscle therapy and medication to try and treat the injury before surgery.  
If you have shoulder or other joint pain see your doctor about whether surgery is best for you. For more information just call 877-AT-AVERA.


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