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City completes 'phase one' of Tuthill Park drainage project, while 'phase two' hits a snag

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Some Tuthill Park homeowners have been battling a drainage project in their neighborhood.

And now, they may have found a solution.

They say the city doesn't have easement rights to dig up their backyards.

But some neighbors are O.K. with it.

About six weeks ago, this muddy construction project had many Tuthill park neighbors concerned, but other neighbors say, looking at it now, they couldn't be happier.

Mark Tassler is a proud homeowner, and one of those 'phase one' neighbors who likes the new view behind his house.

"We had big machines, piles of rock, it was ugly but I wasn't looking at it day by day, I was looking at the end result," Tassler said.

It might not have been a pretty picture before, but after? Tassler said it's all good.

"It looks great. Look at this land back here. It's all cleaned up, the stream is cleaned up, before it was horrible," Tassler said.

Sioux Falls Director of Public Works Mark Cotter said "we're here to serve the public.  I also live in the city and so I want to make sure that what we would design is something that I would want to live next to as well."

But Cotter said there's a glitch in the drainage ditch plans for 'phase two.'

"There's been a legal question raised on the validity of the drainage easement as it relates to can the city move in and make these necessary improvements. and we've engaged with our legal team to answer those questions," Cotter said.

"What they did not just for me and my backyard but for surroundings and the whole community, this part of town, made it great, made it better. me, as a homeowner, I feel that the value of my property and an the property around me did nothing but go up," Tassler said.

Now that the city has cleaned up this site, it says it wants to help neighbors and wait before making it's next move in 'phase two.'

The city plans to send Tuthill Park homeowners more information on the project this week, and it will set a meeting in the near future to hear their concerns.

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