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Family opens business together in New Underwood after 30 years apart

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This summer KSFY brought you the emotional first meeting of a mother and the daughter she gave up for adoption 33 years ago.

More than for months later, their relationship is not only strong; it's led to a new adventure.

"We texted all day long, and ever since then I get a good morning sunshine and I get a good night, your mamma's falling asleep in the chair, got to go to bed—its every morning and every night since the day I talked to her," said 33-year-old Traci Mac.

After a few weeks of catching up over the phone, Traci and her new found mother decided to make up for time lost.

"Traci moved out here July 4th out here by us, and she's been here ever since and part of the family," said Traci's birth mom Kim Jensen.

Jensen's large family always knew about Traci, but had no idea if they would ever meet.

"I knew mom had another child, but where or whom or what happened, it wasn't my concern," said Traci's new brother, Cody Jensen.

But since their first meeting this summer, the new found siblings began building a relationship.

Today, all of Kim's children are living and working together in New Underwood.

"It's been interesting to say the least," said Kim's husband Harry Jensen.

"My husband and I, we had a little business and it has grown and we are, as a family, we have all worked on growing it into a restaurant here in New Underwood," said Kim.

"Everybody's had their fair share of help in the remodel, even this young guy," said Harry Jensen.

"I was teaching her how to run power tools and everything, we've had some good laughs with that," said Traci's new sister-in-law Summer Jensen.

After months in the construction phase, the restaurant is set to open next week, but the family time is just beginning.

"That was the whole idea was to make it a family business; we've got a lot of people in the family that will be working here and have been working here," said Harry Jensen.

Through all of the time spent together, Traci is fast becoming a part of the Jensen family.

"Continuing to grow, to get to know each other; we are very honest with each other, Traci knows, I pull no punches," said Kim Jensen.

As Traci and her mom spend more time together, the family can't help but notice their striking similarities.

"They've got the same mind mentality, the way they do stuff, o that's always fun, being in the same room with them, they spider web off each other and I'm like man, I can't even keep up with this," said Summer and Cody Jensen.

It's a family dynamic no one could have imagined just a few months ago.

"We don't know what paths are going to be given or to follow and I'm just happy that our paths came together," said Kim Jensen.

Traci is also working to build a relationship with her birth father & step mother, Tim & Lori Duff.  Traci will be living and working in New Underwood with the Jensen's for the foreseeable future.

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