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Bat Business

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Sean Clarke with Nice Bats works on Dawn Alby's roof line. Sean Clarke with Nice Bats works on Dawn Alby's roof line.

This is a busy time of year. Farmers are racing to get their crops out of the field; we're winterizing our cars, lawns and houses. And the bats are getting ready for hibernation. As Nancy Naeve found out the bat business has soared this year.

If you aren't looking very carefully you'd think that's a bird, but look at the wings; that is a bat and they have been busy little bees at dusk and at night eating as many mosquitoes and bugs as they can to bulk up for winter hibernation. That's why we see them out flying right in the early fall. Dawn Alby lives in a new house in Harrisburg and just about jumped out of her skin when she saw this.

"About 5 weeks ago I had one in between my window and screen and one other that was flying around my bedroom at night," Alby said.

After Dawn saw that first bat she started sleeping with her lights on in the bedroom. As you can imagine, she wasn't getting much sleep.

She couldn't take it anymore so she called "Nice Bats" a division of Woods Roofing Incorporated.  Sean Clarke is a roofer 10 months out of the year. The other months he does this. He even found a dead bat who he says died of old age.  The owner tells us it's been a hectic season.

"They can get into the tiny, tiniest of holes and if they get excluded out of an area where they've been living they are going to look for another home and if they find yours they are going to stay there until they get excluded," Nice Bats Owner Laura Woods said.

Clarke checks the roof line, seals up everything with a special foam and finish metal.  Then he uses a special device that allows the bats to go outside but they can't get back in to the house.

"They come in the roof line, go down the wall. Sometimes they stay in the attic but they like the outside wall in the insulation, "Woods said.

That was enough for Dawn to tape up everything downstairs especially her unfinished laundry room and bathroom vents.

"I probably didn't need to but when you see a bat in your house, you do what you need to do,"Alby said.
Companies like nice bats don't use chemicals, or sticky pads and they aren't allowed to kill bats.  The device they use works too.

"No more bats. I'm bat free,"Alby said.

And once again fancy free and sleeping sound.
The brown bat is native to this area and they stay here year round, you just don't usually see them flying around so much until they are bulking up for the winter and then they take hold in your house until it's warm again.


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