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Cameras Help Monitor Snow on Sioux Falls Streets

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It's not even winter yet, but you wouldn't know that just looking out the window.

And keeping our roads clear can be major challenge.

It's our first significant snowfall in Sioux Falls and the city's street department is doing everything they can to make sure they're ready for it all.

Are you ready for this? Well, the Sioux Falls street division is, and that means working overtime.

"The fleet which is my backbone making sure my equipment is out there, they're working some extra hours just to make sure that my equipment is staying out on the street," said Galynn Huber, Sioux Falls Streets Manager.

Plows and sanders will start on the highest priority roads.

"We'll concentrate on the emergency routes first those are major arterial routes coming through and in and around town," said Huber.

But timing can be crucial.

"If we put the chemical down that we don't get any snow, I got bunch expensive chemical lying around out there that's not doing anything. If I don't get it down soon enough the roads start to get really slippery on me and then people have a hard time driving so the timing is critical for the first application," said Huber.

And that's where public works has an advantage. Last year they used two traffic engineering cameras to look at real time road conditions. This year they have five.

"We can actually see what when the moisture starts hitting the ground and it starts to form on the street so we can form we can actually time are chemical applications better than we have in the past," said Huber.

Huber tells us that traffic engineering will likely get another three or four cameras by next year and that will help the city do a more efficient job of making the roads drivable and increasing safety.

"Pretty soon we'll have the city, no matter where the weather's coming in from we can take a look at the major intersections and plan our attack better based in what we're seeing currently right on those cameras," said Huber.

Remember, the city of Sioux Falls is offering a text alert service to notify residents of snow alerts. To subscribe, send a text with the word SNOW to 605-413-1990 or go to to subscribe to text, email, or social media notifications.

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