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Does It Work? Cat's Meow

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Nancy Naeve is back testing those "As Seen on TV" products. She says just about everyone she's talked to has seen the commercial featuring Cat's Meow. She enlists the help of Radar Tjaden to see if he's interested in it and if it holds up.

The "Cat's Meow" says it's the cat's meow but we are going to let Radar (the cat) be the judge of that. Let's look at the commercial first.

"Your cat gets bored and wants to play, but that can spell trouble when you're away. Introducing Cat's Meow, the exciting new cat toy that keeps your kitty entertained with play night and day. Just push the button and watch it silently attract your pet instantly as she tries to catch the peek-a-boo wand, "From the As Seen on TV Ad.

You just need to do a few things before you can play. It takes 3 C batteries. Then I'll stick the wand in the side. Put the little curtain on and then the cap and screw it on. And he is supposed to chase that so we'll see if it works. Oh come here Radar, I have a little toy for you.

(Radar runs right up to it)

Go get it. He's checking it out.

"He's a color point short hair. He's 7 years old and honestly sometimes I think he thinks he's a dog most of the time. He does have those little predatory moments when he chases around and attacks things from under the blankets and stuff so this thing is perfect, "Radar's mom Dani Tjaden said.

You get it. Oh no. Now he's mad.

"He is ecstatic about it," Dani said.

I'm telling you, this is the best thing we have ever tested. Not only does it keep your cat entertained, it's pretty for me too. I'm thinking about getting a cat. No, I have all those dachshunds. I do love it though. You get it.

I found the Cat's Meow at the Nyberg's Ace Hardware on 41st and Minnesota in Sioux Falls for $20. And it works exactly like the commercial said it would with Radar.


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