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Does It Work? Perfect Tortilla Pan

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The commercials make it seem so easy; the product works perfectly and you wonder how you lived so long without it. But do those "As Seen On TV" products really work? Nancy Naeve continues her weekly segment this month called "Does It Work?" and this time around she is testing the Perfect Tortilla Pan.

We all know fried food tastes better than baked food, but baked is better for you. So the Perfect Tortilla Pan Set is supposed to be our answer to better (healthier) tasting food. Here's part of the commercial...

"I'm Mark Gill here with the Perfect Tortilla Pan. The fast easy way to shape, bake and create delicious tortilla bowls."

The kit I got has four pans. They say you don't need to spray anything in them for it to work so it's supports to be really healthy. My neighbors have these and love them. They say the secret is to use a little olive oil on the tortilla. I'm going to try that on one of them. It doesn't matter what size of tortilla you get, any size is supposed to work in the pan and come out perfectly. You can cook them at varying times depending on how crispy you want them to be.

Ok stick the tortilla down in there. This one is without olive oil and this is just a little guy and put them in the oven.  Again depending on how crispy you want them, you'll bake them longer. Set the oven to 400 degrees and I'm going to try 7 minutes.

Alright they're done. Let's check them out. That little guy looks burnt. We are supposed to let them cool in the pans for 3 minutes until we can take them out.

It's been a few minutes. This little guy, he could have probably gone just 5 minutes instead of 7. He's pretty crispy, extra crispy. This is the one without olive oil. It doesn't look too bad. The one with olive oil could go a little longer in the oven.

First I'm going to try the one without the olive oil. I hate eating on TV, but I'll do it for you. Fried is way better, but it's crispy just like it said it would be. Let's try the one with olive oil. He's a little chewier; hopefully he's a little tastier. Olive oil is good for you anyway. They taste about the same, but this just doesn't get as brown on the bottom. For what it said it would it was going to do, it did. It's healthier and I'd say it works! Tortilla Up!

The Tortilla Pans retail for $12 and we found ours at the Walgreens at 26th and Minnesota.

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